Moon Phase and Sun Face Widgets

I came across this Moon Phase widget I really liked, and if you want one for your blog too, you can click on it and sign up free. The Sun Face Widget I made myself embedding an image of the Sun’s magnetic features, taken daily by the National Solar Observatory. The Code follows.


Current Solar Magnetic Activity

Credit: National Solar Observatory

Code for the Sun Face widget:

<!-- Begin Sun Face Widget -->
<table border="1" width="142" bgcolor="#000000">
<tr><td align="CENTER">
<font face="ARIAL" color="#FFFFFF" size="-2">Current Solar Magnetic Activity<br/>
<a href="" target="NEW"><img border="0" width="100" src="" height="100"/></a><br/>
Credit: <a href="">National Solar Observatory</a></font>
<!-- Solar Image by, widget by -->
<!-- End Sun Face Widget -->

Some Stuff is just cool 🙂

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