Sarah Palin Knocks’em Off Their Feet…. with a Karate Footsweep!

I had to blink twice to comprehend what this lady was saying.

From this article:

One recent poll concluded that 74 percent of voters think Palin should not run, while 71 percent of GOP voters think the same, but the stalwart Palin was having none of it when confronted with the numbers.

“Polls? Nah . . . They’re for strippers and cross country skiers,” Palin shot back.

I really like this lady’s 1-2 punch style. ‘Polls are irrelevant when you’re doing what is right, and here’s a sock between the eyes for suggesting otherwise.’

She’s so quick on her feet, if she ever decided to be president, she’d always be 3 steps ahead of foreign leaders, and 5 steps ahead of the self-important press. You know, the people who should be reporting the news, not making it.


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