The real unexplored reason fuel prices are so high now

I wrote to Bill O’Reilly over a month ago, and it appears he is conceding what I told him then – that the real reason fuel prices are climbing so high is that oil cartels and oil companies see the handwriting on the wall for the end of the oil industry, and are raping the world economy while they still can.

From his blog just today:

The gangsters that run OPEC understand that technological advances will diminish oil demand down the road. So, they are accumulating as much cash as possible right now. It costs Saudi Arabia about two dollars to market each barrel of oil. Last week, those huggable Saudis charged the world $138 for that barrel.

However, Mr. O’Reilly appears to be married to the idea of the U.S. buying ethanol fuel from Brazil. He says:

Congress must mandate, by law, that American car and truck manufacturers begin to produce a high percentage of flex-fuel vehicles. Once that law is passed, gas stations will begin installing alcohol-based fuel pumps. Congress must also drop import tariffs on alcohol-based fuel so countries like Brazil could sell them to us.

(Say whut? Americans should just trade one massa fo anutha?)

I don’t THINK so. I think Americans want to take their fuel production and consumption into their OWN hands.

But I know now he did read my letter to him 🙂


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Suzanne
Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 12:25 PM
Subject: The unexplored reason fuel prices are so high now

Dear Mr. O’Reilly and Producers of the Bill O’Reilly show,

On your show, you have recently been taking the oil companies to task for their current monstrous gouging of the world economy. Well, the answer to the question “why now?” just hit me in the face last night, as I was trying to find out the truth or myth of stories I’ve been seeing for water-based hydrogen-powered cars. It’s as plain as day, that oil prices have suddenly sky-rocketed so high precisely because hydrogen cars are much closer to reality than previously thought, and oil companies are making their last gasp money grab, before the total collapse of the oil industry.

The third video on this page mentions the state of Kentucky considering retro-fitting their entire bus fleet. This is/was BIG NEWS.

Now that the above web site is about 18 months old and the U.S. patent has issued (see attached, or visit, U.S.# 7191737) — it is time to follow-up with inventor Denny Klein and his water-based hydrogen car, don’tcha think?

From this page dated 6 months ago

Denny Klein has patented the Aquygen generation process, and his invention is drawing attention worldwide – “Microsoft started from a small garage, why not Hydrogen technology?” – he laughs. Klein was recently invited by members of Congress to demonstrate his invention in Washington. It has been reported that his company is currently developing a gasoline-water hybrid Hummer for the US military.

The technology is still undergoing various government and independent tests, and company managers say it will be ready to hit the market in about 2 years. In response to the reports, many critics argued that the story is a complete hoax, saying that the energy required to convert H2O to HHO is greater than that provided by burning Aquygen. Others have raised concerns about the long term impact of such an energy source on the car engine.

In 1995, several shows aired a report about Stanley Meyer – an inventor from Ohio, who also claimed to invent a water fuel cell, which was demonstrated on his dune buggy, powered by water alone. Meyer passed away in 1998, and many say he received threats from oil companies and was poisoned after refusing to abandon his technology.

From this page, now 2 years old-

Klein says Aquygen’s lack of pollutants is one of its most important qualities and some big names are taking notice. Denny said, “NASA, Daimler Chrysler, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin.”

Dang it! I want to see Mr. O’Reilly follow up with this guy!

And, if he wants the scoop, to be the first to publicly identify why the price at the pump has been going so vertical, it is plain as the noses on our faces that it’s because the oil companies are grabbing their golden parachutes on their way out the door forever.

Thanks for listening and considering producing this story for the Bill O’Reilly show.

Suzanne <>
Tucson, AZ


Well, I ain’t waitin’ for either Bill O’Reilly to come around, or for congress to marry Brazilian ethanol fuel, too. Are you?

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Lots to think about 🙂

Best wishes,


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