Thanks for asking about me! I’m an insatiable reader, puzzle solver with a math degree (yeah, programmer too – “programmer” – do they even use that term anymore? or is it all “software developer”?), patented inventor for a mechanical device, and an amateur musician, not necessarily always in that order. I find myself constantly exploring new and obscure ideas, topics, inventions, and points of view, and when something new and really exciting comes along, I find myself bombarding my friends and family with e-mail dissertations on what it all means to the world.

I tend to see a little farther into the future than…. most, and I’ve been accused of being psychic, and while that might have a small grain of truth (it runs in my Irish family), the bigger truth is that I read people, I read their faces, I read between their words, I read situations & events, I read social trends, I read business trends, I read the market.

I really like life-altering books, and some of the books I will be reviewing for you have completely altered my view of the world. Some have helped me double my money in approximately 2 years. Some of them have given me a very simple life-altering natural remedy for a very irritating health problems. Some of them helped me learn one of the biggest joys in my life, reading music, although having gotten such a late start at it in life, there are lots of folks who read far better than I do.

Sometimes I just stumble on a really great idea that I’m just dying to expound upon, and you will be my captive audience <begin villainous laugh> heh heh heh heh <end villainous laugh>!

Oh, yeah, and I have 3 genius kids, who are very hard to stay one step ahead of. Some ideas, naturally, come from them.

Nice to meet ya, and please tell me about yourself!




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