Answer for Microwave Oven Haters

Wow!  I just accidentally fell in with a bunch of microwave oven haters.  They were celebrating that Russia had banned microwave ovens…. a ban that was lifted in 1990.  (They hadn’t noticed, since they don’t live there.)

Here’s my take on it:

It’s nobody’s business whether I own or use a microwave oven or not. You are not entitled to even suggest whether I should own or use one. You are only entitled to an opinion as to whether  you own or use one.

Citizens of Russia love to play idolatry to their oppressive Government, and lay down and let it “f” them. Russia executes critics of Putin, too.  Should we celebrate that???

Thank God we live in the U.S. The government here tries to oppress us, but Americans fight back (as is our civic duty).

When ALl Ovens Are Banned, Only the Government Will Have Ovens


Pay heed, people.




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