Bill Gates’ Terrorist Bio-Weapon Mosquito Stunt

I am stunned by all these news reports of Bill Gates actually unleashing a swarm of mosquitos on his audience! “Poor people in third world countries shouldn’t be the only ones getting malaria,” he says. What a smug-faced geek!! Most geeks outgrow their social backwardness, but obviously he never did!

Ha ha ha, so many people on Twitter think it’s FUNNY! But don’t they know the only reason Mr. Gates wasn’t tackled to the floor and hauled off for his terrorist act of biological weaponry was only because he’s the famous founder of Microsoft? Don’t they realise that if anyone else in the world had tried that stunt, they’d have been hauled out of there hogtied tighter than shoe bomber Richard Reid?

Just sit back and imagine this thing going on in a college biology lecture hall, by some immature dweeb of a teaching assistant (who grew up with his head in a book in social isolation similar to, say, your average male suicide bomber). Think it’s so funny NOW Twitter folks? Multiply that act by hundreds and thousands of Bill Gates fans!!

Get it NOW??

I don’t care WHAT Bill Gates’ point was. I don’t care that the mosquitos were sterile non-malaria-infected mosquitos. Each mosquito in that room can pick up a blood-born disease from one audience member, and transfer it to another. Of course it was a biological weapons ATTACK.

Well folks, we have just seen Bill Gates physically assault his fellow human beings, and no matter how many billions he spends on his charities, he has lost all credibility that he actually respects, much less cares about, his fellow human beings.


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