Seeing Red Over Pink!!

Found these on the net:

breast-cancer-pink ribbon

a clever photo with no words, because every one of them would be a lie

local chain breast-cancer-pink lemonade

a breast-cancer-pink lemonade campaign by a formerly revered local restaurant chain

White House bathed in breast-cancer-pink light

a fashion statement by our trend-conscious all-style-and-no-substance cardboard-president

Pink Pizza Box

by another local chain, is it strawberry pizza? (gack)

I am horrified that the cancer fundraising industry has grown up into an industry in and of itself (in bed with the U.S. government, no less).  And it is a complete fraud!

How do I know?

Because I can name you 5 cures for breast cancer right now:

•  Vitamin D

•  Turmeric

•  Parsley

•  Cruciferous Vegetables

•  Oxygen

There are more.

But  there is just too much money in the cancer industry regimen of

•  Scare ’em

•  Cut ’em

•  Poison ’em

•  Burn ’em

•  and Bill ’em (or Kill ’em, which ever comes first)

The word is out, and the “Cancer Awareness” fundraising industry is going to fall.  Their aim is to make us feel bad, wring our hands, and throw money at them.  Oh dear, oh dear dear dear.  And throw money at those nice corporate sponsors, too!   Pink is such a nice, friendly, baby-girl color.

Or, rather, is that blooooood on their corporate hands?

If these corporations were truly pro-breast-cancer-cure, they’d be serving a sprig of parsley with their sandwiches & lemonade, cole slaw next to their fries (or God forbid, next to their Michelle-shake-down-apple-slices), and broccoli bits on their hawaiian ham & pinapple pizza, with maybe turmeric accenting their garlic crust.  (Garlic itself cures a lot of things, as do apples.)   That would be ~real~ Breast-Cancer-Cure-Awareness.

But this has been going on 40 years now.  Are scientists really so stupid?  Cancer was unheard of 100-150 years ago.  All we need to do is look at how differently people live now vs then.  Instead of being helpless deferential women, waiting for the white coats to “save us”, we should be getting angry, and sharing the knowledge with our sisters of how we can banish cancer by banishing toxins and taking in good and specific targeted nutrition.

I’m about ready to go picket my beloved Eegees for their phoney baloney Pink Breast Cancer Lemonade campaign.  It’s kinda porny-lookin’, ain’t it? All they gotta do is plunk a cherry on top.

So.  Any Tucsonans with me? 😉


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