Brits embarrassed by Cameron’s man-crush on Obama

15 March 2012 9:14 PM
Starstruck David Cameron’s embarrassing fawning over Barack Obama and his ‘beautiful words’

To my Dear Friends across the Pond:

You think the evening dinner toasts were embarrassing? How about the morning welcoming ceremony, to the backdrop of much pageantry and pomp, where Pres. Obama and PM Cameron cracked jokes back and forth between them about burning down the White House! It was very creepy — at timestamps 16:30 and 24:50 —

timestamps 16:30 and 24:50
Obama & Cameron trading jokes about
burning down the White House

This kind of hypnosis that Obama has over so many people terrifies those of us in the U.S. who are not hypnotized. We see the replay of Hitler’s unvetted rise to power, as people cheer and faint (I’m not kidding) to Obama’s vacuous and even vicious chameleon speeches, as he repeatedly issues unconstitutional executive orders, ala 3rd World Country dictator-style, and his political opponents mysteriously drop dead around him. Yet the U.S. main stream press is as completely as hypnotized as Mr. Cameron.

To get the real story, Americans must follow the small independent news outlets and blogs. We see this Hitler/Stalin/Mao in the self-making. We see the familiar cult-of-personality hypnosis this man has on millions of people, some of whom fly U.S. flags with Obama’s face superimposed on them. But his increasingly brazen and vicious executive orders, setting aside our rights to freedom of religion, association, speech, and self-defense, belie his stated intentions.

This skinny little Indonesian-citizen (we have the paperwork) maneen Obama has been acting so brazenly, it is obvious he is completely confident of either fraudulently hijacking our elections ~again~ (see here and here), or of manufacturing a crisis as an excuse to cancel them. After November, he will no longer even attempt to hide behind his hypnotic smile. The concentration camps are already built for us. We have the pictures and video all over the American continent to prove it. We have the official uniformed intimidation finger-rapist-enforcers (for his crony x-ray machine manufacturers) at our airports that are already driving millions of Americans to forgo our right to travel. We have the tightening noose of the government usurping parental rights, attempting to control every aspect of the family. We have the new federal regulations (bypassing congress) redefining what churches stand for.

This is not a joke. Every generation rises up its Hilter-wanna-be’s. The American main stream media, both liberal and conservative, is completely bamboozled and hypnotized by this man. I am imploring all foreign English speaking press to help the small American independent presses vet this man before he is allowed to run for re-election. (Non-American citizens are barred from running for President, but that has not stopped this man!)

Breitbart is Here

Palin: Breitbart is Here

Holding up the banner of Andrew Breitbart, fearless independent exposer of Obama’s corrupt and criminal connections, who suddenly and mysteriously dropped dead two weeks ago, we in America take up his mantle with a new saying, “We are all Andrew Breitbarts now.”

You across the sea! God willing, you are out of Obama’s corrupt reach.  Please join us in being Breitbarts.




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