Comments on the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan

My Response to the Solicitation of Written Comments on the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan:

Dear Ms. Fish and concerned parties at the NVAC, ASH, HHS, NVPO, OASH, and any other concerned parties,

My name is Suzanne L., and I am a member of the general public living in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area.

While a campaign to improve immunization to serious infectious diseases of the adult and underage population of the United States is laudable, equating immunization with vaccination is no longer standing up to public or scientific scrutiny. More and more studies are finding, and the public is recognizing, that the fastest way to spread disease among the population is to inject it directly into them. A lucky subset of the already healthy newly vaccinated will develop enough of a sub-clinical case of the disease to develop antibodies to it, but at the terrible price to the public of walking around for a certain length of time, often 2-3 weeks, contagious for that same disease. After all, it says so right in the package inserts, and the media is replete with stories of people who have caught diseases from the vaccinated, including the Disneyland measles story.

That was a miserable case of the media blaming the victims, “the unvaccinated”, for what the vaccinated gave them. You see, the public really is smart enough to tell the difference between “uninfected” and “unvaccinated”. The uninfected unvaccinated were not to blame for the Disneyland incident. The vaccinated who carried the measles into where it did not previously exist were to blame. Disneyland is constantly full of recently vaccinated toddlers, toddlers known to be contagious for measles, as documented in this extensive compilation of peer reviewed studies, some of which include the CDC’s own studies.

So what really is the escalated risk to the general public health, of heavily escalating the adult vaccine schedule and perpetually salting the adult and juvenile populations, by policy, with a significant percentage of people who are contagious for whatever diseases the policy deems the public needs salting with that year? Has such a study been done? Or will it? Or will the implementation itself, of getting all American adults on a lifelong vaccine schedule, BE that study, when the risk (and horrors) will only be known retroactively, after the fact?

Well. We saw what a fiasco the flu vaccine was this year. It didn’t protect anybody from the expected flu strain, and it killed a few people with the vaccine flu strain. The issue wasn’t as easily clouded this year as to whether it was the flu or the vaccine killing people. The public is beginning to recognize that the concept used to sell them vaccines, “herd immunity”, is really acting more like “herd contagion”.

So we come to the concept of “acceptable risk”. What elements go into calculating “acceptable risk”? Who is deciding that? Who is deciding that for other people? Academicians? Elitists? (Eugenicists?) Who is occupying that Ivory Tower? Because I’ll tell you what is driving the non-vax and anti-vax movement – the parents of children who have been injured, crippled, and killed by vaccines. Maybe that is a small percentage of the vaccinated, but what used to be dismissed as a 1 in a million shot, in a population of 300 million, is beginning to really add up. And more than that, it apparently is a lot more common than 1 in a million. The grief of these families, which for over a century has been suffered privately, behind closed doors, in hospital beds, and in coffins, is now being shared and exposed in social media. I first wandered into non-vaxxing forums out of curiosity, and my own ambivalence after the pneumonia vaccine undeniably gave my mother instant pneumonia and nearly killed her, and what I have seen has shocked me. A large percentage of them have a child, or family member, or themselves who now suffer lifelong injuries and autoimmune diseases they can trace directly to one or more vaccines they’ve received. Many will point to package inserts and journal published studies they wish they had read before allowing the vaccine. Far many more than I expected have had babies DIE within days after a tornado of multiple vaccines they received at a “well baby check”. Some died horribly with high fevers and screaming in piercing pain, others died silently, to be found cold and blue and lifeless. These are known “adverse reactions” of the vaccines they were given, listed right on their package inserts, and they all wish they had seen them, first. New reports of another baby dying soon after a vaccine barrage reach the social media at least once a week.

But one a year is too many. One every few years is too many. It doesn’t matter what the “risk factor” is. The truth is, vaccines are known to kill some people, people who did not choose to take that risk, nor parents had they known, did not intend to take that risk. But somebody in an Ivory Tower somewhere decided that it was ok that that baby die “for the good of the herd”.

Well, the “herd” (such a stinking condescending term for the “public”) is pushing back. As Americans, we don’t do Human Sacrifice of random innocents. It’s not who we are. We can understand a soldier dying for his country, and with the risk of war, he ought to have the right to decide whether he takes that risk. So we did away with the draft. But nobody from the Ivory Tower is making it clear to these babies or their parents that no matter how small the risk, it is still a non-zero risk, which reduces vaccination to a game of Russian Roulette a parent is expected to play against their own children. And some lose.

Parents are waking up that sacrificing their own or anyone else’s children on the altar of the vaccine gods is just not worth it anymore. This is not even addressing the use of human fetal cell cultures in the manufacture of vaccines, a practice many people, both religious and non-religious, find odious.

The 17th century “science”, that usurped credit for the reduction in disease that the 19th century invention of indoor plumbing and 20th century expansion of farming and nutrition accomplished, is just not going to cut it in the 21st century. So much has been learned about applying hygiene and nutrition to specific diseases, as well as dawning technologies such as micro-current and electromagnetic frequency anti-microbials, that the public is demanding better from the medical establishment than the old “injecting disease to prevent disease” path, that carries with it such real and horrible risks.

With the steeply escalated children’s vaccine schedule has come with it a steeply escalated body count of America’s children, that is no longer hidden and going unnoticed, yet the full scale is unknown, because the people behind it don’t really want to know it and don’t compile the statistics. But the parents are finding each other in social media and comparing notes, heartrending terrible notes. This is the source of at first non-vaxxing, and now full blown anti-vax push-back against the Ivory Tower vaccine industry elites.

If that weren’t bad enough, the news from other continents of lab-verified weaponized tetanus sterilization vaccines, the quotes and videos from leaders in overseas vaccination campaigns citing eugenics and using vaccines to reduce populations, are causing the credibility and the public trust in the vaccine industry to collapse. If the vaccine industry cannot be trusted in foreign lands, how can it ever really be trusted in the United States.

So the move now, to put all American adults on an escalated vaccine schedule similar to what they already see crippling and killing their children, is just more than the American “herd” can bear. Whether such a policy of intentional and escalating herd contagion is implemented or not, the Ivory Tower policy wonks will experience severe push back like they’ve never seen before, as it will not be followed by anyone who can read the science, which is everyone now in this interconnected world.

Not only do I not support creating such a vaccine schedule for adults, I support drastically reducing the vaccine schedule for children, if it’s left in place at all, and I support accelerating and escalating research in other means of disease prevention and control that already show such great and immediate promise.

For the 21st Century, Sincerely,

Suzanne L.


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