Definition of American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism means precisely and only that we are NOT the government’s “herd” for career elitists to “manage”.     “Freedom” is not some empty word.  Words mean things.

Removing patients’ & parents’ right to informed consent to mandated medical procedures is medical tyranny.  And in some respects, we’ve already fought a war, WW II, over that.  But here we are only 70 years later, and there is a federally coordinated push in almost every state to impose just that.

For anyone paying attention, vaccine mandates, and removing YOUR right to informed consent, are becoming an election year issue.  Pay close attention to which candidates have elitist tyrannous tendencies toward YOUR medical informed consent and right to refuse.

Ask them where they stand.  We already all know where the Democrats stand.   But the Republicans?  Dr. Ben Carson, chairman of the board of a vaccine manufacturer, stands to benefit financially, and has made the public statement that parents should NOT have the right to decline a vaccine that they think is frivolous, dangerous, or evil (such as all those vaccines that contain fetal tissue from other people’s aborted children).   Gov. Rick Perry got his slats kicked in by Texas parents a few years ago when he attempted to mandate by fiat that all little Texas girls had to get an injection of the sexually transmitted disease, HPV, called Gardasil.  Where does he stand now?  Gov. Scott Walker is mailing parents of Wisconsin newborns congratulations letters, packed with slick big pharma promotions “reminding” them to shoot up their babies with questionable injections.  Who’s paying that postage?  Would he dare mandate you offer up your baby to questionable science?  Ask him!





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