Democrats scrambling for a new candidate for 2012, Hilary running for the hills!

The Democrats know they need a new candidate for 2012, and even James Carville is breaking with Mr. O. on TV/Radio. The ducks are lining up to throw Mr. O. under the bus. How many ducks do they need to line up?: illegally overstaying his adventure into Libya, multiple contempts of court over his drilling moratoriums & obamacare implementation, and now (wtf?) again pressuring banks to make yet more subprime mortgage loans!! Is he out of his mind??? No. He’s intentionally scuttling the economy, meaning he’s an enemy of the state

And now this:

Document Expert Files FBI Criminal Complaint Charging Obama with Fraud

Details part 1

Details part 2

Details part 3

Criminal complaint itself.

More expounding by the complaint author.

(Shhhh – The Democrats know he sure ain’t gonna be on any ballots again in 2012.)

I’m tellin’ ya, the Dems are only waiting for Hilary to make up her mind about the World Bank job. But she wants outta here now, before the mud hits the fan, because Obama has already shot her wad on Hilarycare anyway. She has no chance at an American coronation now, and knows her bread is better buttered with team NWO. Heads up, the fur is flyin’ soon, and we’ll all wake up to a Biden Buffoonery presidency. But at least he’s an American Buffoon, so we love him.

I’m just sayin’….

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