DHS Insider Validates SuzCorner Forecasts

Well, I’ve been calling this one for several years, now – in 2009, 2010, and 2011, and now here it is, validated by a DHS insider:

– nothing less than the foreigner named Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. manufacturing crises as his excuse for the declaration of martial law and the planned cancellation of elections, in order to further his not so hidden agenda for ending the U.S. as we know it, and subordinating it to a foreign “world” government.

– the above article referencing this more in depth article:

Obama has been committing these acts of war against the U.S. for years now.   Can you even try a foreign (Indonesian) citizen for treason against the U.S.?   I don’t know, but he’s clearly opening himself up to removal from office if not by impeachment for his many scandals, then by simple removal via the 25th Amendment, as mentally ill and incapacitated, and being carried out in a straight-jacket. 

As an older and wiser woman than myself has observed, suppose they gave a martial law and nobody came?





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