Dream Scenario for “The Obama Problem” – Run Romney in his place

Dear Rush,

“Fool us once, shame on Obama. 
Fool us twice, shame on us.”

Since even Democrats are sick of the Chicago thuggery of their own candidate, and Hilary refuses to run because she is holding out for that World Bank job in June

Since it is an open secret that Obama is not eligible to run yet again as an Indonesian citizen (his last citizenship of record), and allowing him on states’ ballots yet again would make a worldwide laughing stock out of each of the 57 states —

Since Obama has openly gone rogue by announcing through Leon Panetta that he no longer answers to congress, rendering himself impeachable (even by Democrats), if not eligible for Federal Prison —

Since Democrat, Dead, and Cartoon Character voters are proving their love for Romney by overwhelmingly crossing over to vote for him in the open primaries, as there is nothing going on in their own primaries —

Since Romney’s own campaign advisor admits Romney will revert to liberalism as soon as he wrenches the Republican nomination away from those ‘nasty’ conservatives —

Since other RINOs who are loved by Democrats everywhere, John McCain and Jeb Bush, have openly endorsed their RINO herdmate Romney —

I would like to propose a dream scenario even Democrats would love:

Go ahead and dump Obama off the ballots.

Let Romney be free and true to his real self and change parties, and announce himself as a Kennedy-esque Democrat (we’ll allow him to be vague as to which Kennedy he means) —

And let Romney as a Democrat face off against Rick Santorum the Republican in the General election.

I think it’s beautiful!!



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