Elizabeth Warren – Not just Class Warfare. It’s the Politics of Pure Envy & Covetousness.

She’s a hater.   And she’s runnin’ for Senate.
Don’t think she’s a hater?    Well, what else are we to think of this?

She presumes, or rather pretends, for the purposes of her campaign, that the factory owner isn’t ~already~ paying far more in taxes than anybody else in the community. But he is. And because he is already paying far more in taxes than anybody else, this is no longer about “paying his fair share”. This about taking what he has merely because he has it.

The people in the audience who are applauding are indeed buying into the politics of class warfare, which is all about the politics of envy and covetousness. They would kill the goose that lays golden eggs (jobs for their community), because they are envious of the owner of the goose. Their covetousness and envy are ~so~ ugly, because even more than they wish they had what he has, they wish for him to not have it. It’s not like anyone else in that room could start a factory.

I do think this particular poison political climate is the ~exact~ reason there are no jobs. It’s pure evil. When leftists are in power, their covetousness makes everybody poor. A Christian society is against covetousness. That’s why the left has to ridicule and ban every vestige of Christian culture. If the country can be made to forget its Christian roots, then people can be rendered blind as to just how ugly covetousness is, and the devil can make everybody poor.


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