Equating Paul Ryan to Nelson Rockefeller, the murderer?

Today in a column by Pat Buchanan, Buchanan calls Paul Ryan the Nelson Rockefeller of his generation, because of all the dirty tricks Ryan is still trying to pull, delusionally thinking he can force Trump to march to the Globalist toady RINO agenda that Trump just ran on vanquishing, and overwhelmingly won.

Let’s make something clear. Calling Paul Ryan the “Nelson Rockefeller” of his generation is calling Paul Ryan a MURDERER.

Having lived under Nelson Rockefeller, he has never been forgiven by New Yorkers old enough to remember for RAMMING ABORTION down New Yorkers’ throats ON MOTHER’S DAY, in 1972, prior to Roe v Wade, by gleefully proudly and sneeringly vetoing the repeal of Abortion on Demand, after the NY legislature had been forced by the voting public to realize its mistake of having legalized it only a few months earlier. Nelson Rockefeller was a vicious little potentate, the voters be damned, and when the newly inaugurated President Ford named him as VP after Nixon’s departure from the White House, I was dumbfounded how utterly STUPID Gerald Ford WAS, and I predicted Rockefeller would try to have Ford killed, and indeed, that’s EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. Nelson Rockefeller had TWO attempts made on Ford’s life. Thank God he was unsuccessful, and went on to meet his own maker dying in the filthy bed of his mistress.

St. Michael the ArchangelFord escaped 2 assassination attempts

Is Paul Ryan made of the stuff murderers are made of? He’s already made of the “Voters be Damned” stuff. I pray for the safety of Trump and his family every day.  May God rip the power out of Ryan’s hands, while he’s still young enough to detox from his arrogance and repent.




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