Ever meet a mean vegan? You know you have.

Jake Mace

Jake Mace asks, “I don’t understand to this day why anybody would hate me!”

So Jake Mace, an organic gardener with  over 100k followers on YouTube alone, let alone other platforms, asks ‘Why do people hate me?’


Jake, since you asked at timestamp 38:57I don’t understand to this day why anybody would hate me!” I will tell you my perception. I never hated you. You hate ME. We’ve never met or communicated, but I was living in the Phoenix area in 2015, and eagerly following John Kohler’s channel in Las Vegas for his desert gardening wisdom. Then I found your channel closer to the really serious Phoenix heat, and I thought great! I even considered signing up with that Gilbert suburban garden business you covered that works with local suburbanites installing organic gardens and splitting the produce.

And then you put out a video for the single SOLE purpose of bashing meat eaters: https://youtu.be/WVlI185t0As No gardening. No athletics. Just “Let’s bash meat eaters today”. It was jarringly randomly mean for the sake of being mean. I unsubscribed that day, and when you started appearing on John Kohler’s videos, a truly humble and wise man if ever I saw one, I left him messages why I could not watch his videos that had you in them.

So is “veganism” for your health? Or is it your “religion”? Because my perception, from you and other vegans now, is that the whole point of veganism is just superiority games of one-upmanship even against other vegetarians. “My diet’s more holy than your diet.”

If you have to ASK other people what’s “ethically wrong” with eating non-fertilized gift eggs from your own rescue chickens, you’re looking for a priest, not an answer. Those eggs were a gift to you from those chickens and the universe. You needed to take the spiritual authority to either gratefully eat them, or give them to somebody who would. Throwing them in the dirt to compost would have been the true insult to those hens and the universe. If you can ethically raise happy healthy animals, so can other people, and you should catch up on the progress happening in the happy-animal organic meat farming industry. In fact, you could do some “WWOOFING” with the guy on the “Swedish Homestead” channel. His cows are free range and happy for their entire lives. But let’s not forget that their purpose in feeding people is itself holy.

So why am I here today? Morbid curiosity and watching the rare justice in this life that yes, once in a while, attitudes that cause people like you, Jake Mace, to randomly hate on people you don’t even know, come back to bite them. So I might go vegetarian someday, maybe even soon, for my own health, but I’ll never join the “vegan” religion. With few exceptions, vegans are mean.




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