FoxNews Stoops to Fraud in Promoting Big Pharma Sponsors


I suffered through many teases, commercial breaks, and unrelated segments to finally get to your vaccine segment, and I was horrified you did not ask even one of the non-vaccinating parents why they chose the path they chose.

Instead you had one TV “doctor” assign (non-sequitur) racism to these people he’s never met, you had another TV “doctor” assign (more non-sequitur) class elitism to them, and you had yet another simply spout the symptoms of whooping cough, without exposing that all the children in last year’s California outbreak had actually BEEN vaccinated against it.  Why?

Well, something is seriously wrong with the obsolete vaccine paradigm.  The CDC itself has declared antibiotics obsolete, which also means that vaccines are, too.

So parents are sick of being lied to — as you just did today.  They know they can not trust the media and they cannot even trust the CDC, and so they are making their own decisions, by kicking you, the CDC and big pharma out of their lives.

(Don’t worry, there is excellent research going on in non-FDA-controlled countries on low-cost safe alternatives.)

Just tell that to your big-pharma sponsors, and don’t insult your audience with a segment like the one you aired today.

Thank you for listening,


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