FoxNews Judge Jeanine Aids and Abets the ISIS Enemy

Ya know, I’ve really had it up to here with this lady, and FoxNews in general. Always ranting and raging, but never even suggesting the obvious, obvious, answer, whatever it is, because if people actually implemented the obvious answer, FoxNews would have nothing left to rant and rage over, would it. Or they think they wouldn’t. And ranting and raging is their bread and butter. Oh yes, and big pharmaceutical sponsors.

So last night I sat through this rant and rage by Judge Jeanine Pirro, and for 6 minutes she put on an “outraged” face and told us to be afraid, be afraid, be very afraid. ISIS is here, “we” are not “prepared”, our government is not listening and has put out the welcome mat at our borders, and so any day now, we can expect ISIS wrapped in black flags to start beheading random people on the street.

Oh, yes, ISIS would LOVE to do that. They got stopped cold by authorities in Australia just a day or two ago, conspiring to implement just such a diabolical plan. Grab random Australians off the street and behead them on video.

“Oooo”, ISIS thinks. “That will get Australians all quaking in their boots.” Only ISIS is way too full of themselves. They got caught and YouTube won’t host that crap anymore anyway. But hey, can’t blame’em for trying. After all, Australians have disarmed themselves.. “We can scare’em good!”, ISIS says. That is after all what “terrorism” means. Terrorizing people.

Only Americans are different. My immediate response to Judge Jeanine, before she was even done with her rant, was, “You want me to be afraid? I don’t think so! I think I’d rather be ANGRY.” I intend to defend myself and mine. This is exactly the reason Americans are armed, a right we enshrine in our U.S. Constitution. ISIS thinks they’re going to take on Americans? Ha Ha Ha! This scene is burned into the American consciousness! This is what they will get:

ISIS and their mouthpiece Judge Jeanine Pirro can go pound desert sand.



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  1. PS – and it appears I’m not the only American who thinks that way. Thank you Nick Powers, a FoxNews guest who got in their face.

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