Gilroy shooting. Watch for the patterns. Watch for the Agenda.

Many many prayers for the victims and families.  Gilroy Shooting, 4 Dead

This is outrageous. You watch this unfold. Just like all the other incidents going back to Columbine, it will come out that this shooter was on some kind of mind-altering prescription med.

The package inserts for 100% of anti-depressants (downloadable from the FDA) list some form of violent behavior as a known “adverse reaction”.  Before they confiscate the guns, they need to recall the meds.

And as the eye-witnessed 2nd shooters (backup sharp shooters) always have a way of disappearing from these stories and being scrubbed from the web, some wise person beat me to archiving the above article at   But to be double safe, we should all print it to pdf.

We know the agenda. We know the routine. But they’re still not going to get away with it. This is anti-gunners Sen. Diane Feinstein’s & Con. Kamala Harris’ district.  It borders Eric Swalwell’s district, who promised on Twitter (without getting censored) to use NUKES against law abiding peaceful gun owners who are neither on meds, nor are government sharp shooters.

As Democrats never address the actual problem, you watch.  By this time next week, the 3 of them will cosponsor  one or more anti-Second Amendment bills.



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