How to Spot the Hidden Gems at Yard Sales

I have the honor of counting yet another author, Ed Augusts, among my friends. He’s written like 20 books, and his most recent is just amazing. It’s about how to find the undervalued books and collectibles at various types of sales, and then turn around and resell them for multiple times what you paid for them. I would have found it hard to believe if I hadn’t seen him do it 3 weeks in a row, that is spend under $25 (sometimes under $10) for a huge pile of books, and then go home, research their true value, be able to offer them for sale for totals of hundreds of dollars.

But HE could tell which books were the gems, and which books to leave behind at the yard sales. I could not… until I read his book 🙂

I’ve seen him do it with LPs too, and he loves to tell me about some of his art deals.

The name of the book is “Get Rich by Going to Yard & Garage Sales, Moving & Estate Sales”, and in it he reveals all his secrets for identifying the most valuable items at these sales. Using his methods for multiplying his money, which work better than any interest you could make at a bank or even in the stock market, anyone can build up a small fortune for themselves.

It makes for fascinating reading!!

Book Cover - How to Get Rich by Going to Yard & Garage Sales, Moving & Estate Sales

Happy Reading!


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