Marjorie Taylor Greene thwarts escalation into violence by anti-gun jackals

Wow, the mainstream media is going nuts (archived, screenshot) over an incident in which a militant anti-gun activist is accusing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of “kicking her”.

No, that’s not what happened.  This is what happened:

Congresswoman Greene was surrounded by a pack of anti-2nd-Amendment jackals barking in her face, and one stepped in front of her and slowed down to block her, the purpose being to allow the jackals to surround and menace MTG.  Marjorie Taylor Green knew better than to slow her pace, and watch and see, she said “Excuse me” 3 times before tripping on the high-schooler terrorist-in-training.

However, MTG has said before that she is armed at all times.  Had she slowed down and allowed herself to be sabotaged and surrounded, the dog pack could have easily escalated the situation into one which would have required her to use self-defense.

heart emojiAs every martial artist will tell you, the best won fight is one you’ve thwarted from even starting.  Good for you, MTG.






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