Obama will not run for reelection in 2012

Watching the amazing historical events unfolding in the U.S. there are only 3 options open to Barack Hussein Obama for the 2012 elections, none of which include running for reelection.

  1. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of Americans who are angry at the far far left policies of Barack Hussein Obama, the most egregious of which is dragging all of Congress down the dead end street of not listening to their constituents, who have been marching by the hundreds of thousands in every state, in order to be heard.  So.  There will be a very large turnover in Congress in 2010 in order to tie his hands, the likes of which will dwarf the Congressional turnover in 1994 tying Hillary’s, er um, Bill Clinton’s hands.  Surrounding himself as he has for years with yes men, opposition is something Barack Hussein Obama is just not accustomed to dealing with. Thus neutered of his power to get anything more done to us, a) he will become so much more nasty and thuggy than he is already, that Michelle won’t let him run again, and b) he will take his Nobel Peace Prize and pursue more grandiose opportunities as King of the World, through the U.N.’s machinations for a one-world-government.
  2. OR, Barack Hussein Obama will manufacture crisis after crisis, until he finds the right excuse for declaring martial law, and there will be no 2010 elections, much less a presidential election in 2012.  The crises will never let up, and he will name himself der Fuhrer, er um, the tin pot dictator, er um, el Presidente, of the U.S. for the rest of his life.
  3. OR, if the 2010 elections do manage to occur, the new Congress, no longer filled with leftist toady Obama yes men, will not be afraid of calling for investigations into Barack Hussein Obama’s criminal history, which if you’re reading the court cases for yourself, the evidence piling up is no small “silly” matter.   This is to say nothing of vetting his eligibility to even run in the 2012 election, which will not be neglected again.

The best of all possible scenarios for the U.S. of course, is number 3.

Number 1 means we’d be facing U.N. Blue Helmet troops on our own soil trying to impose their now openly declared intention of forming a one-world government.  Number 2 means we’d be facing Russian troops on our own soil, because I believe Putin promised Obama something in return for allowing him to run Russian subs off our coast this fall, namely, materially supporting his life-long installation as el Presidente of the U.S., or even of the “North American Union“.  Number 3 means Congress turning over the rocks and exposing the worms – namely, Barack Hussein Obama would be exposed for his high crimes & misdemeanors, possibly even treason, and he will either have to flee the country to pursue his U.N. King of the World megalomaniacal dreams, or he will simply disappear into a hole in the ground, hiding from the law, Saddam Hussein-style.

Whichever of these scenarios comes to fruition, we’re in for a hell of a ride, because you can’t put free birds in a communist cage.  Americans won’t stand for it.

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