Open Letter to the Authors of the Open Letters to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck

To my friends sharing the open letter to Sarah Palin,

This was not Sarah Palin’s call. This was Glenn Beck’s call.  It was his show, he was paying her ticket, and that day she worked for him.

And to my friends sharing the open letter to Glenn Beck,

As much as he speaks of “The Truth Burns” Glenn Beck has consistently pretended the eligibility issue didn’t exist, despite receiving hundreds of emails containing evidence from the legal cases.   His entire focus has been to thwart a shootin’ civil war, by getting people to gather, hold hands, sing kumbaya, and pay verbal tribute to the real but ethereal concept of  “Honor”.

So the patriotic public will do its part, and wait to vote in the elections, PROVIDED Obama does not cancel them.   If then having done their part, if the newly elected congress then takes no action in removing the usurper from that desk in the oval office, then what will be left to hold the patriotic public back?

Glenn Beck is purposefully holding back the flood waters until the last possible chance to avert a civil war.   But he knows, if the situation does not then resolve itself, that sometimes even a civil war is inevitable, appropriate and honorable.

There are worse things than death.  Namely, slavery to the state.

Or so says Patrick Henry.

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