Read This, and You Will Be in Contempt of Court

2 crooked Arizona judges, predetermining a life & death case

Sinclair and McNally

And you have the proof, just by receiving this before July 20th.

Do you recall the Justina Pelletier case in Massachusetts last year? That was the case where a 16yo was confiscated and imprisoned for over a year in Boston Children’s Hospital because she had a rare genetic defect for which the big pharmas needed a subject to experiment on, Dr. Mengela style (she was a priceless specimen), for which they paid Boston Children’s (and the state of Massachusetts) big bucks. They nearly killed her before the national uproar forced Massachusetts to relinquish her back to her family in Connecticut.

Well, the media has lost interest, but this kind of thing has been happening all over the country, and two sisters in Phoenix with the exact same genetic defect were confiscated over a year ago by Phoenix Children’s Hospital. They have not even bothered to accuse the mother of any wrong doing. Phoenix Children’s and their sponsors wanted them, so CPS took them for them. Again, there have not even been any accusations of neglect or abuse against the sisters’ parents. These girls, which had been healthy weights (thanks to their mother’s non-stop efforts), are likewise losing weight and will die if they are not released from these forced drug experiments.

This is against the Nuremberg Code.

Millions of people are following these cases on several websites and Facebook. The judge has now pretended to order the mother to remove all trace of the cases from the Internet, (an order which the mother can prove she never issued), and deliver to the judge all the names, addresses, & email addresses of everyone who has ever read about the cases, or go to jail. This is of course, ridiculous and impossible, even if she had ordered it.

The mother goes to jail indefinitely as early as tomorrow, July 20th, a case that has been predetermined, as you can see from the attached screenshot (today being only the 19th).

And now you and I are in contempt too, for even knowing about it.

Even knowing about Arizona judicial CORRUPTION.

Shall we turn ourselves in?

Diegel Sisters' Court Case, screenshot 7/19/2015

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