Recalling the Obama pay-off backstory on Georgia’s new late and over-budget Nuclear Power Plant

Today brings news and commentary on the new nuclear power plant in Georgia being 6 years late and 250% over-budget.   But of course.  We should have all expected this.  There are plenty of union woykas arguing in the ZeroHedge comment section as to who is more corrupt, the EPA or the unions.

Headline on Georgia Nuclear Power Plant

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But don’t forget. This is the nuclear power plant that Obama paid off Georgia with for a corrupt Georgia court ruling in his favor, when Orly Taitz presented the court with all the evidence that Obama is not a U.S. citizen and ineligible to ever be president.

She had/has him dead to rights, just as Dinesh D’Souza has the solid evidence on the election fraud of 2020 (which granted Obama his 3rd puppet term). On the day just before the Georgia hearing/trial, Obama was visiting the Intel plant in Chandler, Arizona (a mile from my mother’s house), while his lawyers didn’t even show up in the Georgia court room that day.

By law, rights, and precedent Obama and his lawyers forfeited their case, but the court ignored both their no-show and the evidence, and ruled in Obama’s favor.  Within about a week, Obama paid off Georgia with the first permit for a nuclear power plant awarded anywhere in the country in 30 years.  This is that plant. Obama’s payoff plant for Georgia. You think Georgia Gov. Kemp wants to go up against this either? Even if Kemp wanted to go straight (which he doesn’t appear to, anyway), he would probably be taking his life in his hands.  Unions are glorified mafias and Georgia is more corrupt than Arizona, if that were even possible.

Of COURSE it’s over-budget too. Lots and lots of hands in that cookie jar.



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