Response to Viking Tour Guide Bigots

In a very bizarre story out of Canada today,  an applicant for a tour guide position received back several volleys of explicit, at times downright obscene, hate emails directed at Christians, just because she had a Christian college in her resume!  For real?  In the modern world?

I thought she was applying to some remote Norse town that time forgot north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, but a look at their website (registered in Alaska) shows it appears they want to serve tourists in 13 countries on all 7 continents!    Oh yeeeaaaah?

Hey Look! They are feeling the heat!  They have a notice on their Careers page implying that Canadians need not imply — or maybe just females need not apply — because they don’t DARE say outright that all Christians need not apply.  Then we’d all recognize the bigots that they are.  Here is their notice, in red no less!


Three Canadian female applicants have recently reported that they felt “attacked” during the first stage of our recruiting process (online application submission). Applicants who cannot handle being challenged during a job application are kindly advised that the demanding career of a guide with our company may not be the best fit for them.

But that certainly isn’t what they said via email, to at least one lady who applied!  In fact, they passed her email address around the company (around the world, it appears), and ganged up on her in an obvious email dog pack attack that reeked of both woman-hating and Christian bashing!

The participants in this pile-on, big galute Vikings who should have known better than to pick on a young educated woman, were:

Olaf Amundsen email:
C D Bjørnsen email:
Arkyn Borg email:

FYI – Their phone numbers are also embedded in the .pdf of their emails.

So what’s say we ALL apply!!  Here is their career page!

Their HR email address is:

Their general email address is:

Now that we all have their contact information, here is my own response to them:

[su_box title=”Dear Viking Sirs,” box_color=”#ffffcc” title_color=”#091a78″]

I am an American Woman of Viking Heritage, who is vastly offended by the hateful vicious way you have decided to treat peace loving Christians, Canadians, and women. We of Viking heritage have been trying to live down the brutish reputation of blood thirsty Vikings for centuries, and you are doing us no good!  You are, in fact, the reason people fled the blood-thirsty pagan Viking “gods” centuries ago, for the loving and gentle Jesus.  Viking brutishness alone is what destroyed the ancient Viking culture. Christianity merely gave people suffering from the bloody Viking culture a place to flee to. (Same as for the Romans. Some as for the Aztecs. And ultimately, same will be for the Islamists and the Chinese Communists. People just get so tired of institutional blood-letting.)

So you Viking Sirs, can cater to each other and sell your tour services to other brutish Vikings. Your international and centuries long reputations have rightfully sunk your culture, and now, because you just couldn’t contain your archaic Viking rage in the modern world, likewise have you sunk your prospects of international business. Oh, how you must wish your ships were ships of conquest, rather than mere pleasure yachts.

May those Canadian Christian Ladies you have treated so shabbily launch businesses in direct competition with yours. I’d much prefer doing business with people of common civility than medieval throwbacks.

Into the sunset with you,




Viking Christian and Christian Viking



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