Sex Robots are Degrading, and part of the Depopulation Agenda

Giant Trash-Barbie Sex Robot

Giant Trash-Barbie Sex Robot

Re: “Sex will be just for special occasions in the future as robots will satisfy everyday needs”

So love is not an every day need?  The filthy media hype and sales pitch of “sex with robots” continues, but then they gleefully hide the truth in plain site, even right in the headline.  Ordinary man-woman sex are to be legally banned.  And God, no marriage licenses, will be allowed.  The NWO self-appointed-elite (that means you’re just a farm animal to them) have been working so hard to dismantle the whole institution and custom of marriage, they gotta find a way to sell it.  Here!  Have a filthy robot you’ll have to hose down every time you use it.

Georgia Guidestones 1st Commandment - Depopulation of the earty by over 90%

NWO Depopulation Agenda carved into stone in Stonehenge-like “Georgia Guidstones” monument near Atlanta, GA, home of the CDC.

So here is the truth.  The U.N./NWO arrogant-elite can’t talk us into depopulating fast enough for their tastes.  We just won’t stop copulating and having children, even though they’ve been selling contraception and abortion for people to just use each other and kill their children for the better part of a century now.  They’ve even tried massive lab-created horror diseases trying to wipe out whole countries that somehow just refuse to spread.  They even try vaccinating other people’s babies to death by ever increasing the number of “required” infant vaccines, despite that our own publishes (or perhaps because they do publish it), that the more vaccines you give a baby under 1 year old, the more likely he/she is to die of SIDS.

But we, their “herd”, just won’t die fast enough.  We just won’t stop exhaling our carbon-dioxide on “their” planet.   They just can’t stop the urge to procreate.   So they’ll try to slip us ever more dummies/pacifiers/binkies.

So the article goes on, you won’t have to be bothered with “real sex” anymore.  (‘Marriage? what marriage? Love? You all know that’s a joke.’)   No no, “real sex” between actual human beings will just be for “special occasions”.    So WTF does that mean?

Just what special occasions would that be, hmmm?  Government regulated baby-conception for which you will need a license from the NWO world-communist government jackboot elite?  If you conceive without a “special-occasion license”, will you be subjected to a vicious China-style forced abortion?  Will your unborn baby be forced onto the organ-donation black market?  Will you be targeted for sterilization yourself for not adhering to the “special license” “special occasion” prerequisite, and seeking a normal married relationship?

Lotsa luck with all that, creeps.

Sex robots are degrading.  Sex robots are for losers.




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