Six Month Prognostication for Barack Obama, 2011 most dangerous time for U.S.

Today is September 9, 2010. The elections are on November 2, not quite two months away, and people are positively salivating to get to the polls. The public anger is visceral at the intentional damage Obama and his “internationalist” advisers have done to the U.S. economy. The more “thrilled” his toady press is with him, and the more the leftist main stream media spews non sequitur epithets at ordinary decent Americans, who simply love their country enough to gather and say so thank you very much, the larger the turnout at the polls promises to be, and the less success ACORN, or whatever name they go by these days,  will have at fixing the elections (again).

This is not Iran, yet, and we will not stand for it.

Even unrelated to the intentional damage he’s done to the U.S. economy, Mr. Obama faces numerous criminal charges, once the current congress is shoved out of the way.  He will not last his term before either going to prison, or fleeing the country.

Mr. Obama could not do what he does, in anything he does, in marching America into unwilling socialism, without stunning personal arrogance.   So what’s a fella to do, once the new congress is sworn in and his hands are tied?  He certainly won’t sit out his term and put up with it.  It is simply not in his very large nature.   So my prognostication is that once the new congress is sworn in in January 2011, Mr. Obama will turn around in February 2011, and simply abandon the office he had used so many people to usurp in the first place.  We the people, who elected and employed him, will be lucky to even be given notice, much less the courtesy of a farewell speech.  I can just hear it now.  “You won’t have me to kick around anymore, but I’ll be back to kick YOU around!”, ala Richard Nixon, but ratcheted up a few notches.  And then off he’ll go.

I daresay his ego is so big, that when he does quit and flee in February, that we will see him again in the future, in the hierarchy of the UN’s New World Order power structure. His whole life’s purpose right now is to reign in that last holdout to the One World Socialist Government, the United States. He has done a massive amount of damage to the U.S., to both our Constitution and our economy, just for that purpose, and he will continue to do maximum damage, until his hands are tied by the new congress in January.  Then that phase of his life will be over, and he’ll have no reason to stay. He will go to the U.N. in Belgium, where he expects to collect his reward as perhaps the head of the North American Union, since he has done so well at erasing U.S. borders.  Imagine that, lifelong Executive Chief of three  countries, instead of just temporary president (with a pesky congress to deal with) of just one country.

Yet a lot of people are on to the crimes he has committed to get where he is so far.   In February, the U.N. might not be quite ready for him, because he was stayed from finishing all he set out to do to us.    So instead of going directly to Belgium and the U.N., perhaps he will seek temporary asylum (fleeing U.S. criminal extradition) in Norway, where the Nobel committee is sooooo smitten with him, to wait it out until the U.N. is ready for him.  You see, because he didn’t quite finish the damage he intended, the U.N. will have to go in and clean up after him.  And what damage was that?  Why,  inciting a U.S. civil war he and they so desperately wanted for us, an all out bullets-flying civil war on our soil.   Everybody knows a good-shootin’ war can be hijacked by bigger powers that step in at the end.  That’s what has been going on in South America and Africa for generations.   But try as he might, Obama just could not pull off that last bow on the giftwrap of handing the U.S. to the U.N’s NWO.  Ordinary decent Americans chose to stand on the Washington Mall, hold hands and sing and pray instead.

2011 and beyond

So be warned!  We cannot wipe our brows in relief after Obama “abandons” us in February.  That will be our most dangerous time, because even bigger bullies will be stepping in, to finish the subjugation of the U.S. that Obama started, but couldn’t quite finish.   I’m not even talking about Sharia Jihadists here.

But, oh yes, we already have U.N. and Russian troops on our soil, just waiting for the orders –

But God is good.   For now the Jihadists and the NWO Socialists (formerly known simply as Communists) are friends, as long as their ends are the same, which is the subjugation of the U.S.  But once the end game is near, neither will be willing to share the power spoils with the other.  If and when there is a war and attempted coup on U.S. soil, both the Communists and the Jihadists will be angling for the endgame revolutionary hijack.

But if decent ordinary Americans play our cards right, we can save our beautiful and free country by manipulating the Communists and the Jihadists into annihilating each other.  We must join hands and pray some more, for God’s  wisdom and guidance to bring that about.

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  1. The above article was written before the TSA molestations and child molestations began. The outrageous molestations was Obama’s final attempt before the election to ignite a shootin’ civil war, intended so his big fish NWO buddies could high jack it. If molesting people’s children in front of their own eyes, on orders of the President via his DHS Secretary, did not incite people to start shooting, nothing would.

    Now it will have to be just a pure invasion in 2011. God help us.

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