So Obama Gave a War and Nobody Came — The Real “Russian Connection”

If you have 20 minutes for an amazing video, I am just giddy that Putin told Obama he’s not going to play nukey wars with him. He knows what Obama really is.

What’s that old hippy saying?

“What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

This video just made my day today. It’s not Russians influencing the American independent media. It’s the American Independent media influencing the Russians!

The only thing left for Obama to do is attempt a false-flag nuke attack on an American city himself, and then try to say Putin did it — only the American generals are on to him and won’t let him do it.

The nuke war was to have been revenge against the American people for not voting in Hillary, just as the TSA useless security theater gate rapes, implemented the same week as Obama’s 2010 mid-term shellacking, was revenge against Americans for that.

Ultimately, I don’t think even his mere contemplation of a fake nuke war will go unprosecuted.

Happy New Year!






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