Speak Out to Ban Forced Vaccinations of Any Kind

Don’t think forced vaccinations for Americans are in the works?   Why not?  It’s going on in other countries already, here, here, and here.

So USAToday bemoans: “Most pediatricians delay vaccines if asked by parents

Of course pediatricians delay vaccines if asked by parents.  What are they going to do, lunge across the tables and assault the babies right in their parents’ arms?

Don’t parents in America still have the inalienable right to make those decisions?

Sign the White House petition (deadline 3/6/15) to ban forced vaccinations of any kind.   The parents of the vaccine killed & crippled have found each other online.   Infant death and injury by vaccine that was once hidden behind homes’ doors, in hospital beds, and in coffins, is now openly exposed.  Parents are sharing their many  personal horror stories.  The vaccine industry only “works” for some people by requiring the human sacrifice of  random other people, and the public is just done with that.   We no longer CARE whether vaccines “work” or not.   The price is just too high.   Knowingly playing repeated scheduled games of Russian Roulette against our own children is not who we are.

You want your shots?  Go get them.   But if you want to retain your own medical discretion as to what is injected into your body and into your children’s bodies, speak up now.   Read the goddamn package inserts, that openly list the adverse reaction horrors that happen to some people who take the vaccines.

Many state legislatures are already toying with bills to remove your right of choice in this matter.   This is not a joke.   This is not merely about Measles.    If you want to choose whether you receive another worthless flu injection next year, or whether you will be mandated to receive an Ebola injection later this year (it is in the pipeline), please sign this petition, and invite your friends to sign it, too.

White House Petition:



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