The End of Fake “GOP Conservatives”. Goodbye Already!

The uncloaked Washington Post, with “Trump spurs some conservative leaders to step back from the GOP“,  is still trying to sell us on the idea that RINOs like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and George, George, & Jeb Bush are somehow the true “GOP Conservatives”.   Well I say, “Phtooey on that!”

These fake “GOP Conservatives” are not fooling anybody anymore. They call snooty snobby Romney, the father of Romneycare & grandfather of Obamacare, “Conservative”?? Conservatism in the GOP has been repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly hijacked for years now with chest beating “conservatives” who insist on losing losing losing, by running only RINO candidates like Mitt Romney and, God help us, John McCain in the last two presidential cycles. And their first choice this year? Filthy flaming RINO Jeb Bush, brother of former president GW Bush who supposedly fought a war over national security, yet refused to control our own boarder? (No, we don’t forget.)  Jeb Bush, who as governor, was Mr. So Pro-Life he starved an innocent handicapped woman to death over the course of 2 weeks, making her parents and the whole country watch in horror? And they WONDER why the electorate finally stood up as one and washed their hands of the fake “GOP Conservatives”?

No. The public is not stupid. After Reagan, we’ve endured decades of the GOP first trying to force conservatives out of the party by ignoring them, then ridiculing them when they picked the name “Tea Partiers”, and then finally trying to co-opt conservatism with swarms of RINOs for presidential candidates.   What, could you have possibly have thought, that after the arrival of the Tea Party, there wouldn’t be a revolution coming???  What arrogant TORIES you are!

I will be happy happy happy to have these fake conservatives leave. So leave. Pick a new name and leave already. And here, let me slam the door on your butts on your way out.




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