Trump – RFK Jr Split Ticket? Why not? They’re already running on the same Platform!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr has been seriously turning heads among Trump’s vax sceptic and vax-science-truth base, even without having thrown his hat in the ring for president.  Now that he has, it appears he and Trump are essentially running on the same platform, “Drain the Swamp” vs(?) ” End Corporate Capture of Federal Agencies”.
So a few weeks ago when RFK announced he was “considering” running for president, I started dropping the suggestion into Trump’s and some of his advisors’ Truth Social feeds, that Trump make peace with RFK Jr (after having snubbed him for the proposed vaccine safety council that never happened), and consider naming RFK as his VP running mate, once the DNC screws RFK, Bernie Sanders-style. (The DNC screws everybody but the Chinese Communist Party.)
With the intelligence, credentials, gravitas, and success no other Democrat besides his own father has ever had (nor wanted to have), in lawsuits successfully fighting Federal corruption, RFK is someone Trump should definitely want on his same side, not opposing him.
Lincoln himself set the historic precedent with a split ticket for his second term, in his attempt to reunify the country after the First Civil War.  (Hopefully we have better Secret Service now.)   If anything, with the vicious radical left-wing main stream media and academia trying to divide, conquer, and destroy America, and literally sterilize our children, with the view toward aftwards just handing over North America to the Chinese Communist Party as an empty continent of virgin farmland and minerals, we find ourselves in the middle of a New Civil War, and need to find our way out of it to save ourselves and reunify now.
So this week Roger Stone himself started publicly floating the idea of RFK as Trump’s running mate in his Substack, which The Gateway Pundit picked up on, which just made my day!   In the comment section it appears not a lot of conservatives know much about him (yet) and flinch in horror at his Democrat party-of-crazies affiliation, but I dare say most people will be turned around by his recent speech on the Hillsdale College website (excerpts on YouTube).  He speaks in lawyerly detail to Trump’s grand sweeping speech style, and even Steve Bannon has been covering it in a positive, almost excited light (here and here).
Having grown up fatherless, because the swamp had already murdered his father and uncle, RFK knows full well what he’s facing by running.  The obvious headwinds Trump has already been facing for 7 years, from the left-wing media and communist-owned academia, along with Trump’s natural counter-punching style, make Trump & RFK natural allies.   At the very least, Kennedy should hold several cabinet positions in Trump’s next administration, because every single federal agency is filthy and needs cleaning out.
Watch it happen.

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