TSA newest weapon in Obama’s craving for civil war

We see new headlines every day – TSA, an arm of the U.S. government, molesting children and roughing up adults, even punching women in the groin and lifting them off their feet, all as part of Obama’s revenge for the midterm election results that stopped his agenda cold.  He had better act fast.  His time is running out, or George Soros will fire him. (Or is that fire at him?)

You see, Obama’s work in completely dismantling America is not done until he declares martial law and hands our sovereignty over to the U.N. New World Order. He has obviously been trying very hard to induce a civil war (for the NWO to hijack), and has now become so desperate for one that he has taken to having government goons literally molest our own children before our very eyes in airports, in order to get somebody somebody ANYBODY to fire the first shot. I kid you not. Soros himself has basically threatened Obama with disappearance or death if he does not deliver us to the NWO by the time the new congress is sworn in. (“We might have to get someone else” — what the HELL does THAT mean???? Sounds like a direct threat to Obama to ME!)

Obama will leave office by Feburary. Whether he succeeds or fails in turning us over the the NWO, once he is lame ducked by the new congress, he is useless to the NWO, and will leave office. Once that happens will be THE most dangerous time in American history: http://bit.ly/bbXUgg


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