Walgreens takes a step too far in pushing flu vaccine

I received this email from Walgreens (link, screenshot), making a false claim about the flu vaccine, and it bothered me a lot, so I found their contacts page and wrote ’em!


I don’t mind subscribing to Walgreens’ email notices, because you might have a sale or coupon I’m interested in, and I tolerate walking past your banners for flu vaccines billowing overhead every time I go into a Walgreens to buy cosmetics or rubber sandals.  But when you go so far as to send to my personal email box blanket medical statements that are COMPLETELY FALSE, and I know you have done this to millions of other people, I get upset. 

Please listen to this, and tell your entire corporate board — Flu shots are NOT “the single best way to avoid the flu”.  The public is paying attention, which is why you can’t give this stuff away.  The vaccine industry looks utterly desperate to be hanging these signs in every pharmacy, every grocery store, even gas stations and hardware stores.   And why are they so desperate? 

===========> Because the news is out that Vitamin D is BETTER than flu shots for avoiding the flu. <=============

Please prove it to yourselves – just with Google:


I don’t know how much flu shots cost.  My last flu shot was at least 5 years ago, for $30.   I don’t know what Walgreen’s profit margin is on flu shots, or how much the CDC is twisting your arms on behalf of the vaccine industry  to push these things, but I suggest Walgreen’s would find more profit in flying banners to get people to buy several $10 bottles of Vitamin D pills every year.

Anyway, thank you for listening.  Pitch vaccines if you want to — but do not lie about them.  The public is watching.


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