What do you like about Obama?

To any Obama fans, really what ~do~ you like about Obama?

His intentional human sacrifice of 4 of our people in Benghazi, as he watched in real time on drone cameras from his “situation room”?

Christopher Stevens
Glen Doherty
Sean Smith
Tyrone Woods

His human sacrifice of our border agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans across the border by Fast & Furious, for God knows what agenda? Did you know Mexico wants him extradited?

How about his crony-give-away of billions of dollars to now failed “green” companies that were never meant to succeed, only to “redistribute” your tax dollars:

Solar Trust
Bright Source
LSP Energy
Energy Conversion Devices, Inc
Abound Solar
Sun Power
Beacon Power
A123 Solar
Azure Dynamics
Evergreen Solar

Forget his former pastor racist Jeremiah Wright. Get a load of his new racist pastor “all whites whites will go to hell”, Joseph Lowery.

So really, folks, what ~do~ you like about Obama?

‘Cause he sure doesn’t like YOU!


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