When does tuppence equal $250K ??

I hate half-stories by lazy “journalists” who don’t ask any questions and offer no solutions. The Gateway Pundit today has a story about a retired couple about to lose their house to HOA foreclosure over feeding ducks on the water feature behind their house.

Hey TGP, there is a LOT more to this story, and you know it.

#1, Why didn’t these people stop feeding the ducks when they were informed they were violating the HOA?? $250K is no mere sidewalk cleaning fee. There is plenty more going on here.

#2, Why didn’t they contact a public or private animal rescue organization when they realized these ducks had no life skills? Continuing to feed them only perpetuates the lack of life skills for duck-generations.

#3 WHY DON’T THEY HAVE A LAWYER? This $250K is not HOA fees. $250K are the HOA LAWYER’s FEES.

I have a friend who just this year nearly lost his $350K house to predatory HOA lawyers, because his HOA retroactively redefined his HOA-approved natural desert xerascaping as “weeds”. He argued with them for months, “them” being the HOA lawyers, because once an HOA involves a lawyer, they refuse to talk to you directly, while the HOA lawyers happily charged him by the hour for every email and phone call he made to them. Only when I twisted his arm did he get his own lawyer, who was aware of the predatory reputation of the HOA’s lawyers, and who shut them down toot sweet.

If you (TGP) are interested in interviewing my friend over his near loss over his HOA-approved xerascaping, to find out how HOA’s and their financially conflicted lawyers work, because the lawyers’ business model is based on foreclosing on houses in good condition over TRIVIA by hoodwinking HOA clients, email me, and I’ll forward it to my friend, who hopefully will ‘splain things to you. Financially conflicted law firms standing in the way of you settling with your HOA, so they can jack your fees and hopefully foreclose on your house, NEEDS TO BE OUTLAWED in all 50 states.





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