Why should anyone “fear” @realDonaldTrump?

Some friends and relatives on Facebook were discussing the “dangers” of the Trump populist movement, deriding fellow train commuters who were obvious Trump fans as “b*ll touchers”.  I could not sit by and let it go unchallenged.   I had to speak up.

Stop fearing! What is there to fear? Here’s a really big question for you — What the heck is wrong, much less “dangerous”, about populism? What is the point of even voting if it is not going to be for a candidate who is on the side of the American population?

It’s been decades since we had such a candidate. Democrats fly around the world apologizing for Americans, because Democrats don’t like Americans and assume that nobody else does either. Then Republicans circulate endlessly around Washington and the pundit shows apologizing for not being Democrats. That’s sick sick sick. They are both siding up with Communists who by definition hate all things and people American, as well as with Radical Islamic Terrorists who also by definition hate all things and people American.

Meanwhile we have big corporations buying off all the politicians into making trade deals that suck the lifeblood out of working class Americans — just because by definition Americans are now fair game, because “everybody hates them,”. (Well, don’t they? What IS that term “ball toucher” if it isn’t a bit of habitual anti-American derision?) I myself have been hit multiple times my whole working life with my tech jobs going “poof” overseas. Enough already. A few trade deals that don’t export jobs so big multinational corporations can run foreign slave camps would be nice for once. I’ll be happy to chuck conservatism for a populist willing to name conservative justices.

Reagan was extremely popular and was an extremely good president (almost as good as Trump will be), precisely because he trusted the wisdom of the American people. He said so many times. He was loved because he loved us, Americans. Trump is loved because he loves us, Americans. He trusts our wisdom. He says so at every speech. (Cruz doesn’t say that. Hillary doesn’t say that.) Trump calls the rallies love fests and that’s exactly what they are. That is why the pundits cannot figure out how to undermine him. He shares Americans’ sense of betrayal at the hands of the sneering arrogant D-R conjoined twins establishment that is running our economy, sovereignty, and identity into the ground. He’s just the guy with the …hands… to take them on.

The definition of American Exceptionalism is that, unlike every other country in the world, even all the so-called “free” ones, the United States is the only country in the world where, at least in theory, the people are trusted as the boss and the government is SUPPOSED to work for the people. (Not the people being owned by and working for the government.)

Barrack Obama, having been raised in an Indonesian madrassah never absorbed this quaint Americanism. This is why he sneers and bypasses the people’s elected representatives and does everything by imperial executive order. It’s all he knows. After his madrassah and before his presidency, he sat in a twisted “church” and enjoyed listening to a twisted “pastor” Jeremiah Wright screaming “God Damn American” for 20 years. He did it without question, assuming it was the “norm” to hate, sneer at, and deride all things and people American.

Well, I’m done with that too. It’s been over 30 years. I want an American who at least admired Reagan in the White House, who loves Americans, one willing to rethink the blood sucking NAFTA, TPP, North American Union, the “please nuke us” Iran deal, the “please nuke us” N. Korean deal, and the NWO. I would love to see him kick the U.N. out. This is not “hatred” for anybody. This is just “it’s about goddamn time to stop apologizing for breathing and start being fair to Americans.”

What ELSE is a president FOR?

Ronald Reagan Farewell Speech.

Happy Birthday Mr. President.Today, WE THE PEOPLE celebrate your life and your steadfast conservative principles.

Posted by The Heritage Foundation on Saturday, February 6, 2016



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