A Powerful New Saint in Andrew Breitbart

In reference to an American Spectator article, “A Nation of Breitbarts Rallies for Rush“, a lefty friend of mine made the mistake of accusing followers of Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Breitbart, and LifeLock (a sponsor of Rush) of being motivated by fear.  How bizarro.

What you’re seeing in the “Be a Breitbart” movement is anger. What Breitbart stood for was fearlessness in expressing righteous anger in the face of hypocrisy. Righteous anger against racists calling non-racists racist, against baby killers calling pro-lifers terrorists, against people like Bill Maher and Ed Schultz getting passes laughs and handshakes for calling Sarah Palin a c–t and Laura Ingraham a sl-t while Rush gets skewered calling a self-professed sl-t a sl-t, that kind of thing. Breitbart personally enjoyed popping such bubbles as some kind of new fangled sport. He loved outing evil and lived it and breathed it, and showed us how to likewise stand up for ourselves. We who admired him can only keep him alive by emulating him. So whether he was murdered or not (and a goodly number of respectable people suspect he was), the beleaguered decent people of America have a new saint who has shown them the power of their own voices. Just by defending yourself, you can get people mad enough to want to murder you. But only by not defending ourselves can they succeed in eventually murdering us all and everything America ever stood for. No one can accuse any radio host of leading “mindless sheeple” on this one. There are no such things anyway. Andrew Breitbart isn’t even in the ground yet, and this thing has welled up on its own. That’s power of a saint.

Andrew Breitbart: “They’re the Racists!”
South Republican Leadership Conference
New Orleans, April 9, 2010
C-SPAN: parts 1 & 2


Be fearless. Be a Breitbart.



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