Bishop Cancels Santa Claus, Breaks Children’s Hearts

     After the Pope’s ugly-supremacist Nativity Scene from Hell last year, what more can we expect from these childless old clergymen this year?
     What kind of a Father does this?  One thing I know – bishops aren’t stupid.  So this must have been intentional. There are people in the world who take malicious sport in bursting other people’s innocence. He’s lost his faith, so the little children should, too.  Well, ya know, Jesus has something to say about people who prey on children.
     Two years ago, just before the pandemic, a visiting pastor waltzed into our parish from a nearby parish to say Christmas Mass, and announced to the whole church full of people that we were all fools for ever believing that the Roman Census had ever happened to Joseph and Mary.   It was 3 months before I ever went back to that church again, lest that atheist priest happen to visit again, but then they closed all the churches for covid anyway.
     Have things like this happened to you?  Direct assaults on your faith, by the clergy itself?  Just ’cause ya showed up?
     I hope you and your family have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.  I’m going downstairs to set up my mother’s beautiful antique nativity set.

Santa Claus kneeling before Baby Jesus


PS – Find a nice Nativity Set for your home!

PPS – Be Santa Claus!


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