Conclusion: Yes, Obama Adminstration DID plant Faceook Assassination Poll

Friends sent me this unbelievable story this morning:

Secret Service: Facebook poll no threat to Obama
By EILEEN SULLIVAN (AP) – Oct. 1, 2009

— that the Secret Service has identified that it was a child who posted the Facebook poll asking if people would approve of assassinating the president, and has concluded that it was nothing but a harmless childish prank, “case closed”.


This is NOT standard practice for how the government deals with children who allegedly threaten anybody, under the Patriot Act. THIS is how they deal with them and their parents:

Mom says Patriot Act stripped son of due process
Posted: Apr. 29, 2009

Follow the case here.

I don’t believe for one minute there was any “child” we can just pat on the head and send on his way over the Facebook Assassination poll, nor that the Secret Service wouldn’t fully pursue anyone who merely voted in the poll. I conclude that Yes. The Obama administration (or its agents hired to find its critics in Facebook & MySpace) did plant the poll, and are now trying to make the story end quickly so we can go on to thinking about other news stories and possibly not notice that…

The President is a TROLL

The President is a TROLL



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