Don’t Assume Pope Francis is calling for Communism

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> If this bullshit keeps up, I’m done.
> Love,
> your dear relative

Dear Relative, Don’t misinterpret what he’s saying.  I don’t think he’s calling for the enslavement of mankind through communism. We all know that model fell flat as far back as the New Testament. But even Jesus condemns the idolatry of money (not money itself). Money is only a tool, not an end, but there are other tools, and other things to value.  It is possble, however, that Francis is a little too removed in his thinking to really understand what is going on in the world. He doesn’t have to call for a new economic system.  It is coming no matter what, and no one can hold it back!  I have a bit of a vision of what is going on.  I’ve spoken it to a few people, but it’s probably time I blog it. 😉

Among the family up to now, I think I’ve come the closest to utter destitution (as defined in the current dying system), but rich are the poor in spirit. Even with difficulty finding a “job” under somebody else, I could see that the problem was not so much that other people weren’t hiring me (although there is rampant blatant age discrimination in T-town).   There is always “work”.  Just not always a “job” defined by somebody else. In those years, I read the times and taught myself web site making and now I have a job in the field, but I really only consider it a stepping stone — just like the customers I’m helping.  My real goals are doing work ~I~ define and execute. Not that somebody else defines for me. I don’t really want to trade one massah foh anothuh.  When I hit the right product to sell on my website(s), I will move on. Or perhaps web making itself will be my product. An awful lot of people are self-sustaining that way.

Anyway, the current economic system of the world is burning down – and it’s not even capitalism that is really the issue. The issue is the corruption & fraud of the elitists in the banks and governments colluding together, robbing people of the fruits of their labor. Debt was the 20th century’s replacement for slavery, and had the greedy bastards orchestrating other people’s debt been able to contain their greed (their idolization of money), and only restrained themselves to robbing people of ~some~ of the fruits of their labor, rather than ~all~ of it, the debt-based capitalist system could have gone on a few centuries longer. But they got so greedy they killed the golden goose, and it is now dying a painful death, before its time, before the new system had matured enough avoid such pain.

Keep your eye on technological advances, dear relative. More and more jobs are being robotized every year. That trend is not going to stop. Cars are already driving themselves. All they gotta do is roll out the fleet. The technology is there now for every kid to do all his designated learning requirements at home, and then spend the rest of his day being creative.  In the new system, creativeness will be rewarded, but destructiveness will not be, and it will be decentralized to such a point that robbing others will be pointless.

When all the farms are farming themselves, when all the trucks are driving the produce to market – or straight to our homes, when all the factories are completely robotized, when every home has a 3-D manufacturing device, ultimately, the only “work” in the world will be – being creative, whether that’s engineering, art, or space & undersea exploration. Even Obamacare is less of a scare if you realize the possibilities of zappers the size of iPods in every home.  (I have one, others of our relatives have one. Do you yet?) The seeds of all these advances are already bearing fruit. The end of “work” as we know it is already on the horizon.

Pope Francis is right about the modern ‘people-as-throw-aways’ culture. Just look at abortion (which people do for money, or to not be thrown away themselves by their own families), and eugenics against old people — just look at IBM throwing their retirees & retirees’ widows out the door, onto the death panels of Obamacare.  Pope Francis is right, but the answer is not to go back to the “jobs” system. Even in IBM, there is obviously no loyalty to human beings who spent decades of their lives building them.

The answer is the freedom of the human being to live as a child of God the Creator, and spend his life creating what he decides to create. If people wish to team up on large group projects – to replace the hierarchical nature of working for corporations, that new system is even now being invented.

What tool will replace money? Look at the BitCoin movement – people seeking a way to create a decentralized trading system, replacing government/bank-defined currencies. Maybe BitCoin will collapse, but people will keep trying such inventions until they get it right.

What I see is God’s grass growing up under the appearance of devastation after the world-wide economic forest fire.  Pope Francis just doesn’t know what to call for. He should be calling for people to invent their own “jobs”, find their own callings as children of God the Creator. Not to wait for someone else to define those “jobs”=callings for them.

A lot of things about me are very cynical, but a lot about me is very idealistic, too. Maybe that’s ~why~ I can see.



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  1. You are probably right. God can use jerks, and even evil jerks, to accomplish his purposes. The purpose in this case is a decentralized economy, were every human being is valued and free, that is hardened against both the slavery of socialism/communism & the pillaging excesses of capitalism.

    Don’t worry, mankind will come out ok. People are clever. It’s not capitalism or communism. It’s not even something in between them. This will be the Z vector jetisoning out from the X-Y plane.

    Love, Suzanne.

  2. From: my dear relative

    Nah, he’s a Jesuit jerk just babbling against the free market. Is he advocating a Soviet-style economy? Well,…. he never really said so (sorta), but then again……he talks a lot, but never really says much of anything (does he?)…that can be nailed down. How convenient for him.

    So, he just criticizes, with NO SOLUTIONS PROPOSED! He just criticizes and criticizes and………..blah, blah, blah. He makes his comments in economically depressed parts of Europe where they’d dibble-dabbled with lapdog socialism for decades, but now the bills are coming due, so………he blames the Free Market so he can BE POPULAR with the crowds who want money for no work.

    your dear relative

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