Vicious Obama to Close the Interstates

Now will you listen?

Watching the viciousness and cruelty with which Obama has been imposing arbitrary closures, spending more money to “close” things, than to leave them open, far overreaching constitutional authority to do so,

my mother and I realized a week ago that

a) Obama is enjoying shutting things down far too much

b) One day very soon he will wake up and decide to close the Interstates, because they are “federal” roads.

c) This shutdown is not going end until Obama is removed from office.

All the preppers out there, stocking up on a year’s worth of food, I never could figure out how it would happen.  The science isn’t there yet for the feds to manufacture a hurricane (as they did Sandy) that is big enough to shut down the whole damn country.

What “crisis” would shut down all food in the country?   We all thought it would be implemented using the executive order, issued March 16, 2012, declaring all food sources as property of the military.  And so America has armed herself, against the likelihood that Obama’s blue hat/red hat U.N. Russian army would be batter-ramming our doors down to confiscate our food supplies.  After all, for the planned militarized North Korean-style future of America, the armies will need it to feed themselves.

Well, this is it.  Obama is planning to shut down the interstates

(that move our food from our farms to our grocery stores)

Obama DOT Plans use of National Guard to close I-495 Capital Beltway tomorrow?
By: Glenn Ryt (Diary)  |  October 10th, 2013 at 06:52 AM  |  40

While the planned 495 roadway shutdown by National Guardsmen this Friday is presently planned to coincide with the three day truckers protest, another DOT proposal suggests that the White House has the authority to extend the highway shutdown past the proposed three day closure, and to other federally funded Interstate Highways, such as I-95 and I-66 in Northern Virginia.

I have been quietly phoning friends and family asking them to stock up on at least a couple weeks worth of canned goods, because Obama will not end his vicious incrementing shutdown, which ultimately will include all interstates, until he is removed from office.

To be sure, he won’t get away with this first test case, because the governors of the states whose National Guard troops he plans to use (Maryland, Pennsylvania, & Virginia) have ultimate authority over those troops, rather than himself. But he knows that in the end he has those Russian “U.N.” troops to impose a nationwide interstate shutdown. Gestapo-style checkpoints and everything. All he craves, really craves, is to keep poking Americans in the eye, until somebody protests #T2SDA, so he can call in those “peacekeeping” jackboots against Americans he hates so much.



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