Ebola Researcher Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire Has Crossed into Insanity

Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire, of the Scripps Research Institute was a guest on Greta Van Susteren’s show “On the Record” today. The first 4 minutes were fine, as Dr. Saphire  explained, with the biggest grin on her face, how the Ebola virus takes so many forms that you practically need 4 vaccines for it. That’s all well and good. There is probably nothing wrong with her science. But there is something very wrong with her demeanor as she describes, with ever growing enthusiasm, what has obviously become her personal Lego kit, the Ebola virus molecules, to twist and bend and play with, while people in the real world are suffering and dying in the most horrible way.  But oh, at 3:55, she just can’t help herself.  She’s so happy that we might need even more vaccines as, with any luck, the Ebola virus might take even more forms.  Oh, the shine in her eyes!  The glint in her teeth!

At 4:00, believing her own PR about her intelligence, she then switches hats to typical amateur liberal economist, but you’re supposed to believe her because she’s a PhD (in microbiology), that needing a second round of NIH government funding for her would be, get this, so wonderful for the economy –

“This (Ebola) is a tremendous boost to the economy. If the NIH (National Institutes of Health) budget for a year is $30 billion, it generally makes $68 billion of economic activity. So 150-200% boost to the economy, from doing the research that generates cures…I mean, what other investment can you find where you get that kind of return?” — Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire Ph.D., Scripps Research Institute, Department of Immunology and Microbial Science, California Campus

…because, oh no, the private sector would never fund this kind of (mindless endless) research!  Only NIH government funding (of her) on the taxpayer’s back will allow her to keep playing with her Lego kit to see how many forms she can make Ebola take, so she can develop a vaccine for each one.   Oh noooo, Big Pharma would neeeeever have any interest in developing a series of 10 mandatory vaccines, in order to thwart (or spread) the most terrifying disease known to mankind.    Not only that, but all this government funding (here comes that old tired and completely absurd Democrat leftist talking point) drives the American economy, and golly that’s just so patriotic (twinkle twinkle, sparkle sparkle)!

Why, lady? because you spend your take home pay on hairdressers and teeth whiteners?

Excuse me, but I’d much rather spend my hard earned money on my OWN children’s educations, toys, and business projects!  And gee wouldn’t the economy be so much better if people were not dying of horrible diseases, but they could do creative and productive work.  Ya know, invent things.

Yup, Dr. Saphire, ya stupe.   Ya fell for it.   Living in your bubble, surrounded as you are by <snicker snicker> elitist California academics.  You’ve let yourself be hoodwinked and lost touch with reality.  You’re Alice who’s crossed into the Mad Hatters Wonderland of Insanity, and joined the world of academics who are so out of touch, you pat yourselves on the back thinking you can make the cart come before the horse economically, while you devise ever smaller targeted bullets for a virus we can already take out with a choice of shotguns.

Sister, we are not waiting for your supply if needle-sized spears for our bear hunt.   The alternative health movements already have our (figurative) shotguns loaded with real  ammo that kills all pathogens on contact and leaves the human tissue intact.   It’s the end of Big Pharma.  It’s the end of endless research.  It’s the end of all infectious disease (which is a good thing, since the CDC has already declared we’re at the end of the anti-biotic era.)  It’s Galileo time.  (You do know who that is, don’t you?)  It’s out with the old paradigm and in with the new.

Put your ear to the ground, because we don’t really care how many ways there are to unfold your beautiful Ebola virus toy.   You’ll play and develop your vaccine series with such a sincere big smile on your face, believing you are about to save the world, only to find that real people refuse to take it.  You see, the government’s track record ain’t too hot when it comes to all the vaccine injured & damaged people we have already, from rush rush HPV and Flu vaccines.  And, well, while your nose was in your microscope, the world was saved from Ebola already, anyway.

We’ve got it handled, thank you very much.





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