Water Powered Car Ushers in Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius

The more I think about it, the more I realize just how huge the implications are that mainstream consciousness, is finally picking up on water fueled cars! I’d been seeing the ads around for conversion kits for a couple of months, and by investigating had found like 20 patents in the US Patent Office alone (inventor Stanley Meyer, inventor Dennis Klein), but unless one was digging in the backwaters of conspiracy theory sites, and Denny Klein’s web site that hasn’t been updated in over 18 months, you just weren’t hearing about these things!

But yesterday, yesterday Reuters went worldwide with the news of the Japanese company Genepax (Japanese / sorta English) that has succeeded in developing a completely water-powered car.

Huge Implications for all Power Industries & World Economy!

Wow, this is big! Because not only does this have implications for driving cars everywhere in the world on this water-planet, but for every other energy use we can think of! According to technical sources, Genepax believes it can produce the units at approximately US$18,000 apiece, with mass production bringing that down to about US$2000. My gosh! That is affordable by anybody who can afford a car at all! And then you start powering appliances in your home, and not only does this put big Oil out of business, it puts coal and nuclear power plants out of business too. All any house would need would be plumbing! Maybe even just rain collectors! All over the world, people would be freed from lives of chopping wood in rain forests just to cook their dinners. With the burden of powering transportation lifted from civilization, the entire culture of the world would change. No more stranglehold by controlling despots. People would be freed to follow creative pursuits for the enrichment of all mankind.

Joined with the nascent engineering art of robotics, a science my young son is totally enamored of (we know what he’s going to be when he grows up), we can have totally self-propelled and self-fueled farms, feeding all the world’s population.

“The way things are” cannot help but be totally overturned, upheaved, and replaced. One can barely contemplate what visions the next couple hundred years will bring us.

Was it Astrologically Forecast?

I used to totally blow off Astrology. I am not of an astrological nature. I grew up in math, science, physics-based astronomy, computer programming, and Mr. Spock-style “logic”. But I was aware that there are a lot of things that can’t be explained. Aunt Tilly’s psychic abilities, events and coincidences that are so extremely close that they bear the unmistakable signs of an unseen higher-power orchestrator. I still am of the opinion that no planet in the sky has ever had enough gravitational effect on my person to control my life. But a couple of friends who take astrology seriously explained that it’s not the stars and planets “controlling” a person. It’s the ever moving charts of the heavens acting as a clock, and astrologers only read clocks.

Ending Age of Pisces, Beginning Age of Aquarious

An “astrological age” is approximately 2160 years, as the Earth’s rotational axis wobbles where it points in the heavens, also known as the precession of the equinoxes. If astrologers (the 3 wise men) were the first to find Jesus Christ, the fisher of men, at the dawn of the age of Pisces (the fish), why shouldn’t we be singing the dawn of the Age of Aquarius (the water bearer) now, at the start of this water-powered age. A quick search shows the debate on just when the Age of Aquarius begins, from the 1930’s AD through around 2600 AD, but most of the arguments settle somewhere between 2000 AD and 2100 AD, all defined by approximately where among the constellations Earth’s axis points. Since the sky is so big and constellations are so far apart, it’s very fuzzy, and I can totally live with the idea that one age is beginning before another age is over.

Natural Cycles Overlapping, Sunspot Cycle Example

If anyone has been paying attention to the sun lately, we are currently in a very extended quite period of no-sun-spots, in the sun’s 11 year cycle. In fact, years ago I used to work with solar astronomers analyzing images of the magnetic fields of the sun, and I gotta tell you, I have never before seen the face of the sun as completely quiet as it is now. What does it mean? Is it holding its breath to see what we souler-human beings do with this new energy discovery? 😉

In case you didn’t know, the sun flips its north and south magnetic poles every two 11 year solar cycles, but it’s a gradual progressive overlapping thing, with the next cycle beginning before the prior one finishes.

It seems to be the way nature works. The age of Aquarius is beginning before the age of Pisces is finished, and some people will embrace this water-power technology long before others with vested interests in the old ways will. But, there is no stopping it. No holding it back. It is inevitable.

There are No Coincidences

I do see coincidence that this song (which you are listening to if your computer and your browser are configured for it), The Age of Aquarius (from the musical Hair and performed by The 5th Dimension), came out in the early 70’s, at just around the time Stanley Meyer was beginning his research into his water-powered engines. For many years, despite being issued multiple patents by the U.S. patent office, the mainstream consciousness just would not take him seriously. He is dead and gone now, and according to some of these water-car history sites, his estate has opted not to pay the exorbitant (in my opinion because I’ve paid some myself) patent renewal fees, which is why his patents are now expiring and we’re seeing all these ads and plans for mass production popping up all over in the mass consciousness.

It’s a gradual thing. It might be 5-10-20 years before there is a water powered car in your garage. And your neighbor might still be driving a gasoline powered buggy. But eventually, eventually, there will be no more gasoline powered cars.

I know I’m considering jumping the clock a little bit. 😉

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P.S. — To the best of my research, Genepax is not publicly traded. Daaang!!

P.P.S. – These are just two of the instruction manuals available for converting your car to a water/gas hybrid.

Water4Gas WaterCarPro

Click Here, for lots more.

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