Bye Bye Oil Companies! Bye Bye Oil Gorged Jihadists!

You’ve raped the economy to near death, and now here is the final blow to you! You know it! You saw it coming! That’s why you did this! Why you doubled oil prices in just one year! You vicious S.O.B.’s! So Die! Die! Wither up and Die!

And go out weeping. Your days are numbered!

Today in Reuters — Knowledge of Water Cars goes mainstream! They’re not just the stuff of ‘legends, kooks, or quacks’ anymore.

Japanese company Genepax announces the 100% water-fueled car.

I’m so HAPPY for the triumph of human spirit and ingenuity!

I’m so happyyyy! I’m so happyyyyy! Feel like running, and dancing, for jooooy!….

What I want to know is, is Genepax publicly traded? 😉

Genepax web site: in Japanese, or in translated English


Visit The Water Car Emporium <===

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