How a Christian Business Can Respond to Gay-Activist Targeting

We all know what’s going on in modern times: angry gay activists who don’t really want their (faux-wedding) ceremony to be about love between soul mates (that’s why it’s faux), but about revenge on God for inventing the whole “one man / one woman” marriage thing.   They pick a date, identify likely targets, and start calling Christian businesses to force servitude in these temper tantrum demonstrations.  Then they sue, persecute, & prosecute the ones who in good conscience prefer to refer them elsewhere.

Well, I came across a wonderful article today, describing what can be an appropriate response by such a targeted Christian business, by promising and delivering an excellent wedding-themed product and service, in a very Christian way, and then donating the money to pro-family charities and lobbies.

small bottle of holy waterBottledWaterI would like to add one more touch: Using (bottled or otherwise sterilized) blessed holy water on all flowers and in all recipes, and on one’s person while serving at the event.  This will likely have powerful effects that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit (read: not actionable in court).   Inform the customer of intent to use holy water in all preparations.   Fully inform the priest blessing the water of your intended use for it, just so everything’s on the up and up.  If he won’t do it, find one who will.

Miraculous Medal

I have seen abortion clinic workers go “inexplicably” berserk, when the clinic door was merely blessed overnight with holy water and a miraculous medal tossed up on the roof.  The clinic closed shortly thereafter.  I have also known a college student, who was uncomfortable with the trio of satanists who moved into the dorm room next door, who when no one was home applied holy water in the sign of the cross to their door.  That night, the 3 satanists had a big argument and all moved out.

So do not be afraid of enlisting the power of the Holy Spirit for defense in this culture war against Christians.

Best wishes, and God bless you, Father Z,



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