Do You Share or Respond to Social Media Amen Counts?

I reached the last straw today.  Usually I just ignore them, but they seem to be happening with increasing frequency – cute faith-themed graphics/memes shared by naive social media acquaintances, which demand acknowledgements (falsely named “Likes”), responses (“Can I get an Amen here?”), or forwarding/sharing, sometimes even containing attempts at outright shaming if I decline to participate.

Well friends, I’ll tell you what’s going on here.   Inspirational posts you wish to share are well and good, but anything demanding any kind of response is extremely suspect.   First, you have no business asking my faith or non-faith.  I only share if or when I choose, at a time and place of my choosing.  But mainly, I refuse to participate in data collection for Facebook, Google, NSA, IRS, DHS, TSA, the Barack Obama Communist Party, the Gay & Lesbian Gestapo Party, the Kenyan El-Shabaab Christian Killers, ISIS, Atheist Viking Tour Guides, or the bloody Spanish Inquisition,

Because that’s exactly what’s doing on here with cute viral “memes” demanding people declare their Christianity to you with Amen counts. Ultimately, it’s not to you. It’s for data collection by all of the above agencies and more we’ve never even heard of, hiring advertising agencies to snoop out the public, to create their hit lists.

So if you’re not on somebody’s payroll, you are selling your Christian friends for FREE.   And I won’t help you do it.




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