How to Survive the “Depopulation of the Masses”

You might have seen some of those scary websites out there lately (they are rightfully scary).  A headline making the rounds today is “Depopulation of the Masses Has Begun“.   Which is true.  The elitists, inspired by hell itself, really do “want it all to themselves”.   Other human beings are just so much vermin to them.  If you eat, breath, bathe, or poop, you’re in their way.  Elitists prefer the company of their compadre elitists, where they can all pretend their own stuff doesn’t stink.

BUT — because I’m telling you here how to sidestep them, they won’t get away with it! 🙂

They’ve breen plotting it for a while.   One fabricated crisis after another.   All designed to kill you, or scare you to death, or at the very least, make you believe you are garbage and get you to kill yourself.  They don’t care as long as you and your children are dead and let the elite them “have it all”.

So I received the above scary (but true) article in my email today.  This was my response:

This is why I don’t take vaccines anymore, and neither do my kids. Just look up what Alex Jones has to say about them. They are trying to jin up another “bird flu” panic this year, but don’t buy it. The statistics are in — Vitamin D is more effective than the vaccine at preventing the flu anyway. Besides that, there is no surer way of spreading the flu than dispersing the flu “vaccine” into the population anyway. (Statistics prove that too, if your eyes are open.)

I have succeeded for several years preventing flu by occasionally putting minced raw garlic in my food, especially when I’ve been around people with obvious symptoms. That has worked every time, even after I’ve started to feel symptoms coming on.

But recently (this year) added to my arsenal, is a Dr. Hulda Clark “zapper”. The charge is so subtle, I can’t feel it at all, although my mother and daughter can feel it slightly. Don’t worry – 2 AA batteries lasting over 1000 5-minute “zaps” is not enough to hurt a big human being, but it will kill any virus, bacteria, or larger parasite you might acquire. (I do eat yogurt after zapping… 😉 ) I am talking flu, colds, tuberculosis, typhoid, acne, HIV, HPV, cancer…

Anyway, God works in wonderful ways. These things can be had for under $100, although I bought the programable one with automatic shuttoff for my Mom for a bit more. (It is relaxing and can put you to sleep ;-), and we’ll be damned if the doctors will ever give her the drug “Albenza” again – what a horror story.) That Dr. Clark lived when she did (she died in 2009), and for the internet to make them available to everyone in the world, just as the New Word Elitists want to depopulate the world with fabricated diseases and fake disease inducing vaccines — AND — just as the CDC has declared that we are in the post-anti-biotic age, is nothing short of a miracle.

Your health is in your own hands, not any death panel’s.

I’ve bought from these venders – & .  They happen to both be in Canada, but there are dozens more venders. You can even find them on Amazon. They are legal in the U.S. as you self-experimenting. No one can prescribe these things for you. They are not pharmaceutical. No chemicals, no side effects, other than from your own body processing out the dead germs – which can induce a few days of fatigue, aches, & diarrhea when you first start zapping. But after the adjustment, you feel better, not worse, from zapping.

1. The Cure for All Diseases (pdf) (1995)

2. The Cure for All Advanced Cancers (1999)

3. The Cure for All Cancers (1993)

More on that page —

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