Jonah Goldberg Abuses Donald Trump & the good MacGuffin name

Today in the uncloaked National Review, Jonah Goldberg makes a self-serving pronouncement on what he thinks Donald Trump has that Hillary Clinton doesn’t.  He calls it “the more entertaining story”.   WRONG.   What Donald Trump has that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have is Love for Americans and Love for the United States.  Hillary, just like Obama, hates America, and she hates Americans.  She disses whole classes of people everywhere she goes, as well as individuals.   She lies, steals, sneers from her Mao suit, & talks down to them, making gleeful pronouncements against all the industries she’s going to shut down.  Trump, on the other hand, heavily salts his speeches to voters with “I Love You”.  He loves America.  He loves Americans.

THAT is like the first drops of rain this desert of forgotten and unemployed Americans have seen or heard in decades of externally and intentionally imposed economic drought.  He calls his rallies “Love Fests”, and having been to two, I can tell you, that’s exactly what they are.

But you, Jonah Goldberg, just can’t hide your obvious envy.  You want to reduce him to some bit player, fun to watch for a while, but dismissive of his message, the nationalist super-set of conservatism.   You sneer too, that we’re just dumb voters, and are still agitating for us to give him up.

Well, HAYELL NO.  You are the one who is blind.  Americans really do want to save America. From economic disaster. From Globalist Tyranny. For which crushing debt & terrorist Jihad are mere Globalists’ tools du jour. But instead for the last 8 years, the Republican party itself has been the thing IN THE WAY. The Destructors are the Democrats, and it was the Republicans who were supposed to stop the Destructors.

And now we know, the Democrats and the RINOs have been holding hands, in their rotten stinking corrupt Globalist bed together, behind their secretive closed doors, for much longer than 8 years.

The real “MacGuffin” has been the Evil Wizard behind the Green Curtain, the Globalist Agenda that has been crushing America all along, that is looking to finally crush America’s sovereignty once and for all under the boot of economic warfare they’ve been calling “trade deals”, that Trump has revealed, in terms the populace can understand.  (The real source of the term MacGuffin, my grandfather Edmund MacGuffin, who knew Alfred Hitchcock, will be left to a future article.)

So in order to save America, Donald Trump has needed to first conquer the Republican Party, surgically separate it from its conjoined evil twin, the Democrat party, and now he will vanquish the Democrat party & their Globalist puppet masters, to Save America. And then, by showing the way to the world, he will usher in a new dawn of worldwide freedom from Globalist tyranny.

For this we are willing to work shoulder to shoulder with him.




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