Kindly ol’ gent, Dick Morris @DickMorrisTweets spectacularly wrong again, and again where it really counts.

I had to confront him once before, when he somehow thought Obama wasn’t malicious enough to bother running again in 2012, and now, at another major turning point in history, Mr. Morris misses the big story¬† again.

Kennedy Retirement Could Pose BIG Problems For GOP!
Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

Dick Morris, maybe you’re a sweet old gent now, but now I remember why I hated you for so many years — for your decades of advising presidents to “dumb down” the pro-life platforms they ran on, once they’d been elected.¬† Why did you do this? Because the baby-haters might scream?? SO WHAT!

1) Who cares if the baby-haters scream!! 2) Damnit, isn’t it obvious to you now that even if you give the Democrat baby-haters what they want, they scream and hate you ANYWAY!!!

We always knew that. And it’s your fault if you didn’t!

So why would or should Trump buckle now, when we’re on the verge of WINNING, after 45 years of baby-mutilation HORROR, on his most important pledge to American families and our POSTERITY? Our own CHILDREN?

No, Mr. Morris, we pro-life families didn’t spend 2-3 GENERATIONS raising pro-life children, thus by design inflating the pro-life vote, while the baby-haters thoughtlessly aborted theirs, just to throw in the towel now, when we’re just on the verge of winning! How many times have you PERSONALLY, Dick Morris, IMPOSED YOUR PERSONAL AMBIVALENCE on this issue on the rest of us??

No, Mr. Morris, just as it was time to End Slavery, even after 200 years of precedent and “stare decisis” (elitist words for “inertia”), it is time to end the BUTCHERY of America’s children after a half-century and over 50 million American babies DEAD.

Don’t show your age and buy the old “coat hanger LIE” anymore. Having children out of wedlock does NOT have stigma it once did. The abortion baby-butchery industry is dying on the vine. American youth is pro-life now. They’re voting pro-life. The parents who raised them for decades specifically with a view to THIS DAY are voting pro-life. And after so many decades of losing to bad advice like yours, we are not going to just throw in the towel AGAIN NOW.

Let the baby haters scream! They will anyway! They only scream when we’re not killing enough babies. So the louder we make them scream, the more we know we are WINNING.



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